How to create a custom app?

It is possible to extend your bot based on your custom requirements with custom apps.

You should provide app name, app url and priority information and we will create an app with secret information.


We will encode user id and send HMAC param in all our requests and you can use this secret to verify if request is really coming from our side.

Example Request

Parameter Description
question Query that chatbot receives while chatting with someone. For example: "how are you"
user_id If your endpoint is supporting multiple users and you want to create separate logic based on user, you can use user_id for this purpose.
hmac If you want to verify request is really coming from our side. You can decode HMAC using your secret and check if it is the same as user_id


And your response should be in json format and have 3 parameters. Those are type, text and media. If you can't give any response just send empty body.

Example Response

{ type: "text", text: "Sunday 24th of November 2019", media: null }

Parameter Description
type Required parameter. Type of your response can be text, gif or image
text Required parameter. Text of your response. For example: "I am fine thank you"
media Required if type is image or gif. You should provide full url of image or gif. You can send it as null if type is text.

Example Laravel Code

Simple PHP Example

This example code is basically reversing given input back as a response. You can check example endpoint here